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A Revolution in Decorative
Concrete Finishing

Get the look of diamond polished floor without expensive diamond polishing equipment.Cost Effective save labor and time with our NO RISK design. Better maintenance benefits when compared to polished concrete or Portland based toppings.

EasyShine is a concrete based floor system featuring:

  • Combimix Low Prep (LP) Self-Leveling Toppings
  • LYTHIC Solutions Colloidal Silica Nano Technology


Why Combimix?

  • Virtually No Shot Blasting or scarifying required
  • Installs over all grade levels of concrete
  • Installs over most non-porous substrates including wood/plywood
  • Exterior use functionality
  • 80% less shrinkage compared to Portland based products
  • Water stable


  • Easily applied
  • Low maintenance
  • Stain Resistant
  • UV stable
  • Prevents acid etching
  • Excellent co efficiency of friction
  • Easily Colored
  • Incredible palette of colors

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